Lightweight electric wheelchair by SISHUINIANHUA

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Lightweight Wheelchair, Electric Wheelchair Open/Fold in 1 Second Lightest Most Compact Power Chair Drive with Electric Power Or Manual Wheelchair Up To 12 Miles Range for Disabled or Elderly


    • 1 second folding, fast folding, can be easily placed in the trunk of various vehicles, can be dragged like a suitcase in the folded state
    • Humanised post-control system, the nursing staff does not need to push hard, can control the wheelchair behind the wheelchair, greatly reducing the burden of the nursing staff, the controller ramp brake, two-hand brake, double protection, greatly protecting the safety of the user
    • High-magnification battery pack, longer battery life, capacity up to 10ah, battery life up to 20km, powerful dual motor drive, single-sided dual motor drive, one-stage helical gear drive, low power loss, easy climbing
    • The wheelchair is designed with a ergonomic design. The backrest is tilted back 8 degrees. The user rides more comfortably. The honeycomb is hollowed out. The air permeability is strong, the surface is refreshing, and it is easy to remove and wash. It is suitable for winter and summer.
    • Adjustable reinforced anti-fall belt, more protection, prevent falling down when you fall asleep or faint, use comfortable foam PU sponge, not easy to damage, comfortable and durable, widen aluminium pedal, can prevent users from pedalling Out of the wheelchair, rear anti-rolling wheel, effectively preventing the wheelchair from going uphill is tilting, turning back


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